„You will start in winter because all change does. But spring time will come you just have to ride it out until the seasons change.“

Sean Tucker

It was pretty quiet here in my blog. If I still had big plans for 2018 in my first post, the year gave me right at the beginning a lesson, which was pretty tough. I had ignored the warnings of the last years in my juvenile arrogance and got a lesson beginning of 2018. Over the course of the year, there were more hard hits making 2018 the hardest year for me so far and I feel no urge to remember it. My whole life was turned upside down and now I’m sitting here trying to get it back on track. Unfortunately what started in 2018 will accompany me for at least one or two more years. Probably for the rest of my life. The initial bewilderment now gives way to anger, but that doesn’t make it any better. Through all of these hard times my friends were a big help. They bravely endure me talking off their ears with my worries.

Instead of a long outlook for 2019 I just want to announce the restart of the blog on my way to normality. But things will change. I will blog in English in the future. Why? Because I like doing it. Because I know some people who don’t speak German. Because I feel like it. Just like that. The blog will not change into a psycho blog becoming a long list of my worries. My topics will remain the same as before.